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Although there are major health consequences of overfatness and obesity, most people who lose body fat through organised diet and exercise plans often regain most of this within a few years; this pattern of weight cycling may continue throughout life. Weight cycling has received much attention in recent times because of reports that it may increase the risks of coronary heart disease. These reports suggest that it may be more dangerous to lose and regain fat in a period of cycles than it is to be permanently fat.
However, evidence for the dangerous effects of weight cycling may have been exaggerated. Reviews of all the research in the area have led Professor Claude Bouchard and Professor Robert Jeffries, both experts in the area of obesity, to conclude that there is no real evidence that weight cycling is more dangerous to health than not reducing body fat. The severity and frequency of cycling may be the important issue to consider here.
Myth-information. 'Negative calories' is a term used in some diets to suggest fat burning properties of food. There are no such things as negative calories and no fat burning' foods.

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