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Technological developments in the area have led to a number of different machines now being available for directly or indirectly measuring body fatness. Some of these are extremely expensive and would not be used in the normal day-to-day counseling situation. Others are now becoming more portable and more accessible and provide at least an opportunity for adding to other measures. The current range of machines include: underwater weighing, bio-impedance analysis, etc.
Computerised tomography (CT) scans. Computerised tomography is another radiography technique of body fat assessment which has limitations because of its relatively high level of radiation exposure and cost. In the past, this has been used for assessing other forms of body tissue such as tumours, but it is also possible to assess body fat. The expense of the procedure, however, is unlikely to make it readily available. Also CT scans only do regional assessments rather than a total body fat record.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). MRI is a technique based on the manipulation of protons and electrons in body atoms to give colour pictures of different body tissue. MRI machines are used for medical diagnosis such as the detection of cancers and, as such, are usually based in hospitals and are extremely costly. The future use of CT and MRI for more accurate measurements of abdominal fat is likely, but still only in a research context.


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