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The modem focus of eating plans for sustainable fat loss is a decrease in total dietary fat and an increase in the proportion of complex carbohydrates, followed in importance by a decrease in total energy intake. When assessing diet plans, these basic criteria need to be kept in mind. It is also important for health professionals providing advice to those seeking fat loss to know just how this is best achieved and to have an understanding of how popular diet plans manipulate the facts. The following is a review of some general diet plans.
Very low-energy diets. These are often available through clinics, where the diet supervisor (usually someone untrained in nutrition) provides some monitoring designed by a medical practitioner. These diets usually provide a formula feed of less than 800kcal/day, which is less than the usual range needed for the resting metabolic rates of most adults. The physiological effects of these diets are less than for fasting, but still carry risks and require medical supervision. The low-carbohydrate content of the formula stimulates the production of ketones which are thought to be responsible for the appetite suppression experienced. The hunger is intense upon reinstating carbohydrate in the diet. These diets should only be administered to morbidly obese people fulfilling strict selection criteria and within the context of a long term management plan.


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