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All of the major nutrients—carbohydrate, fat, protein and alcohol— can ultimately regenerate ATP as needed to fuel the body. However, this occurs through different metabolic pathways. Basically, when immediate energy is called for to create movement, especially sudden movement, stored ATP and creatine phosphate (CP) in the muscle are used. Using the money analogy, this could be equated to cash. There's no conversion needed here, and the transaction is quick. Energy is supplied for up to 10 seconds and a period of 1-2 minutes is all that is needed to replenish supplies. The whole process is carried out without oxygen (an aerobically). The type of activity which uses this form of energy is short, sharp bursts of 'power' type activity such as short sprints or weight lifting. Because fat is not immediately implicated in the system, there is little role for this type of exercise in fat burning, at least in the short term.
Myth-information. Sit-ups to reduce abdominal fatness will result only in a "tight' fat waist instead of a 'loose' fat waist. Sit-ups can tone muscle but will have little effect on the subcutaneous fat overlaying this muscle.


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